Monday, August 4, 2008

Children's Yoga, Practice near Guruji, Good Rickshaw, Bad Rickshaw


Yesterday I observed a children's class taught by Guruji's granddaughter Abbhy (not sure how to spell her name). For those of you who don't know, Guruji means "my teacher". This is what Mr. Iyengar's students call him. It was far different from the adult classes - short holds, lots of jumpings, no props at all (except for a mat for headstand). The kids had lots of fun and I learned some new things to bring back for the adults. Abbhy is very knowledgeable and already a good teacher in her mid-20's.

Today our practice time was early, and Guruji came in right away. He always sets up in the same spot so I had the honor of practicing 15 feet away from him. He was in a good mood and flashed Karen a big smile and said namaskar when she paid him her respects. Perhaps tomorrow I will work up the nerve to approach him.

Today I once again got the feeling that I know so little, even after 12 years of study. It was informative to watch the advanced practices of the others, and to try to memorize the inventive prop setups being used. It is a privilege to be here!

Rickshaw rides

Karen and I took two rickshaw rides in the past couple of days.

The first was with Naana. Naana is a rickshaw driver patronized by the American students. The ride was exciting, fun and Naana organized our itinerary for us. He also acted as tour guide, telling us the name of rivers, bridges and hotels. Yes Bill, I said hi for you and Naana was pleased to know that I knew you. He asked how you were doing.We did some shopping and got some gifts for people back home. We arranged a Tuesday trip with Naana to a tailor to have some clothes made. This was the good rickshaw ride.

Today we had booked Ayurvedic massage appointments and decided to take our chances with a rickshaw driver. We were told - easy to get there, 10 minute ride. Bad decision! We never got to our destination - even though we had a business card with a map on it. He pulled over numerous time to ask pedestrians for directions and we went in circles for 30 minutes. Finally, he asked and English speaking person for help, and we asked our good Samaritan to tell the driver we just wanted to go back home. I think the rickshaw driver felt embarrassed he couldn't get us there, but we had long missed our appointments. So instead of getting relaxed, we were wiped out by the ride, fumes and frustrations. Next time we will go with Naana!

Personal Notes

Come on people, more posts back would be great! Especially KA! Thanks to the 5 people who posted yesterday. It made my day to read these post from home after our rickshaw ride from heck. Marion from the UK, I am glad you are enjoying the blog. Dad, thanks for the note and Nitin, I will check out the laughing yoga.

Julie, I had a chat with Glennis last night and she remembers you and kept saying over and over how nice you are.

The power went off in the middle of this post - thank goodness for autosave.

That's it for now!


Theyoginme said...

Nina, there is a kerala massage place walking distance from the center. I am wondering if this was the same place. Mr. Manu Shahani who hosted me knows exactly how to get there. It was really good. Its two roads up and parallel to the institute towards Esquare. The office of Symbiosis University are nearby. Good Luck...Abbhy's name is spelt as "Abhi".

Catie said...

Hi Nina!
I am so glad you were able to practice near Guruji! I know you will talk to him!
If you see another children's class, could you tell me about some of the practices I could use in my classroom?
Also, I have an interview tomorrow!!!! I will let you know how that goes :)

Bill said...

Hi Nina,
Keep trying to get to get to the Ayurvedic therapist you were headed for - they are true healers. I did the treatment (twelve days in a row) and all he worked on were my legs and lumbar. The one within walking distance isn't as highly recommended.
Rickshaw drivers personify the thing I love and hate about India... they can be like Ganesh and clear the way or like Shiva and destroy your day!
Yes, yes.... stay with Nana. And ask him what directions to give another rickshaw driver in case Nana isn't there... The clinic is across the street from a large hospital that most drivers know. It is also close to Fab India - great clothing store.
Have fun! I wish I was there! Have a nice dinner at Shravan and a mango lassi with it - mmmmm :)
Bill M.

shari said...

Hi Nina,

It makes me smile to read of your adventures. I'm happy for you. Soak it all up, even the difficulties will be treasures when you look back.


Naomi said...

Great entries Nina.

How's the food? What are you eating?

Keep on bloggin!


Lisa said...

Hi Nina!

It's so exciting to read your posts, and quite difficult to not be envious of everything you are experiencing there. I really appreciate your honesty about being intimidated, working up courage and all that. I feel that way often in class here in familiar old Portland! But your candidness in your blog is as refreshing and encouraging as you are in class. I can't wait to hear more about what you learn!

Bud Skiba said...

Hi Nina!

So nice to read about your very interesting experiences. Everthing is going fine at Sunset Yoga so enjoy your time in Puna. I am looking forward to your classes when you get back. Please pick up some pointers for me for Vira III. :)

Please say "hi" to Karen.


Joan Foley said...

Hi Nina, so glad you are safe and sound and enjoying your time for study and reflection. I am very envious and can't wait to hear all about it. The weather is very similar here as there It's going to be 100 on Friday. So maybe I'll go outside and pratice and that will make me feel like you do.......Be safe see you soon . Joan Foley