Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Food and Clothes

Hello again,

Apparently the birds make a ruckus in the evening as well!

Our flatmate moved in yesterday. His name is Oscar and he is from Madrid. He seems like a very kind man and we enjoyed talking to him last night. It is his first time here for classes as well. He has spent some time on the west coast, and even drove from San Francisco to Seattle on Highway 101!

One post asked about food. We are incredibly lucky - we have a cook come to our flat everyday and make lunch for us. For 50 rupees (about a buck and a quarter) she makes dal (a lentil dish soupy or thick), a vegetable of our choice (cauliflower, carrots, beans, squash, okra), chappatis (flat bread kind of like tortillas but not really) and a grain like rice. We come home from practice or class and all we have to do is heat and serve! For dinner we usually have left overs, and for breakfast I have oatmeal or peanut butter bread. I thought I would have to do without ice cream, but I am happy to say I just had some chocolate B&R ice cream.

Had an interesting class with Prashant - all twists. He spoke about quality and quantity in poses. We held each poses for what seemed like an eternity while he tried to get us to connect body mind and breath. One surprise - he was very funny, making jokes several time.

Geeta taught this morning and we worked really hard. I have so much work to do on my basic standing poses. I felt like Geeta was speaking to me with each instruction that both re emphasized previous points, and took us deeper.

Finally - Karen and I had some great retail therapy yesterday. We went to see Sunita the Tailor, and we both ordered some beautiful salwaar khameezs (pant suits with scarves and I am not sure of the spelling) to be made to our measurements. There was so much beautiful fabric and Sunita was so kind and welcoming that my homesickness was completely gone.

Personal Notes:

Terry, I will say hi for you.


Theyoginme said...

Nina, the guy who records Prashant's classes (older gentleman with a curved back) is Parvez, Nuvana's uncle. Both him and his wife are in that class.

Have you been to the library yet? Guruji hangs out there from 4-6 pm as well, if you want to get real close and personal.

Could you get me a copy of DVD of this past guru purnima on July 18th and also the yoga rahasya that was released at the same time? They were out of the DVDs and then I forgot. Also if you think of any of Prashant's class that you attend worth listening to, I would love to get a copy of the recording as well.

Sounds like your immersion is going great. I arrived back home yesterday and going through severe Pune withdrawals.


Bill said...

So, if Sanjeev's is on the fourth floor there is one bedroom that overlooks the park where the birds roost. It has a beautiful view, like being in a tree house. It seemed like there were thousands of birds roosting there... mostly crows....and every morning and evening they make a racket that is deafening. It's a good time to avoid the park, but if you should walk through at this time you might get hit by their guano. If so, consider it good luck. That's what I was told. Ahhhh, India! Soon enough you will be home and you might even find yourself homesick for her.
Bill M.

Marilyn said...

Hi Nina,

Just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm thinking of you and enjoying reading your blog. Enjoy the adventure!